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Calumet Bike Trail


US 12 south, Beverly Shores, IN 46301


Phone: (219) 465-3586

Fax: (219) 465-3640


Bike, hike, or ski this 9.2 - mile gravel trail, which skirts the southern boundaries of Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana Dunes State Park from Cowles Bog to Mount Baldy. Prairie habitat lines the trail, and late-summer wildflowers--like cardinal flowers, blazing stars, asters, fringed gentians, and great blue lobelia--color the landscape. Several species of snakes live here, including blue racers, little brown, and hognose snakes. Look for them basking along the trail's edge in the early morning, or on the move in autumn as they head to their winter dens. Restrooms are available at the South Shore Line Stations and Cowles Bog Trailhead. Parking is available, from east to West, at Mineral Springs Road, just north of US Highway 12 in Porter; US Highway 12, east of State Route 49 in Porter; Beverly Shores Depot on Broadway, north of US Highway 12 in Beverly Shores (the listed GPS coordinates are for this site); and at US Route 12 at the Porter/La Porte County Line in Michigan City. This last site is along US 12, south of Beverly Drive.