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Foundation Meadows Park


3210 Campbell St., Valparaiso, IN 46385


Phone: (219) 462-5144


Foundation Meadows includes features for all ages and many interests. A one mile walking trail passes through a 7 acre prairie restoration and two acre native Indiana tree arboretum. Restored in 2005, the prairie is a registered Monarch Butterfly Way Station; part of a national effort to save the monarch butterfly from extinction. Adjacent to this is the "Butterfly Meadows and Caterpillar Crossing" children's playground with three dimensional wildlife themed activities. The passing of the seasons brings an ever changing sequence of prairie flowers and birds to observe from the walking trail. Silver Lake borders the property which attracts additional bird species during migration and nesting seasons. This park also includes a community garden, a service memorial, restrooms and the main park department offices. Foundation Meadows is connected to other parks by means of the city pathway system. Rogers-Lakewood Park is two miles north using the Lakewood Link.