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Grand Kankakee Marsh County Park


21690 Range Line Rd., Hebron, IN 46341


Phone: (219) 769-7275


This 2,069-acre park, located along the historic Kankakee River, floods seasonally, providing ideal wetland habitat for a variety of wildlife. Acquired by Lake County Parks in 1977 with assistance from The Nature Conservancy, Grand Kankakee Marsh County Park&&s densely wooded areas and remnants of old river channels are home to a large deer herd and many species of ducks. Hunting, wildlife and bird viewing, biking, hayride tours, and paddling on the Kankakee River make up the bulk of recreation activities at the park. The levees are also used as bridle trails. For the past 19 years, the park has been the site of the annual Voyageur Rendezvous, a colorful living history reenactment of the early French fur trade era. The park is open 7 a.m. to sunset from January through September.