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Hammond Lakefront Park and Bird Sanctuary


701 Casino Center Dr., Hammond, IN 46320


Phone: (219) 659-7841

Alt Phone: (219) 659-7678


A truly unexpected find. A small, 600-meter tract nestled in the middle of an industrial area may not seem worth exploring, but this one is! Known by locals simply as the "migrant trap," the lakefront and bird sanctuary is a hidden birding paradise. As you crisscross the site on a narrow foot path, keep your eyes open for neotropical bird species that use this small space as a critical stopover during migrations. Spring and fall provide astonishing numbers of birds through the Lake Michigan "funnel effect." A rough trail runs the length of the site, allowing you to scan the woods and grassy areas for birds. The main gate may be closed during winter months, but the turnstile on the east end of the park is always open. Visitors will need to show identification to access the parking lot.