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Coastline, dunes, trails… and plenty of water! Indiana Dunes Country is a great place for water fun, especially paddling. See mile after mile of majestic dunes from the vantage point of Lake Michigan. For a great workout—and beautiful sights such as the unusual Dunn’s Bridge—paddle against the current of the Kankakee River. Or for a decidedly relaxed change of pace, dip your paddle into the calming beauty of the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes.

Dune views from Lake Michigan

Boasting some of the best paddling in Indiana Dunes, the Lake Michigan Water Trail provides paddlers with an in-depth look at the diverse ecosystems of Northwest Indiana. Featuring multiple access points stretching the coast of Indiana, this unique trail offers exceptional views of white-sand beaches, towering dunes, and breathtaking sunsets over the Chicago skyline. Bring your own or rent kayaks, canoes, and other personal watercraft, and be sure to review your safety card before going out on the open water.

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Workout on the Kankakee River

The Kankakee River National Water Trail offers 85 miles of paddling through several Indiana state and county parks. Get a great workout as you paddle the bends and curves of this historic, undammed river, and enjoy the views of the wetland habitat. Stop for a rest at the beautiful Dunn’s Bridge County Park, and keep an eye out for wildlife including beaver, deer and more.

Relax on the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes

For a change of pace, dip your paddle into the serene beauty of the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes. Located on the north side of the city of Valparaiso, this extensive system includes many large lakes as well as wetlands, smaller ponds, and streams. Enjoy the tranquility and privacy of Long Lake or explore Rogers Lakewood Park—nestled in 122 acres of rolling woodlands and home to two pristine lakes—Loomis and Spectacle. Rogers Lakewood also offers an array of canoe, kayak and paddle boat rentals. Enjoy a leisurely paddle at your own pace as you take in native wildflowers, rare birds and curious wildlife.

Let’s Paddle Safely!

Stay safe on the water with these simple tips from the Northwest Indiana Paddling Association.

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