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Deep River Water Trail


Hobart, Lake Station, Gary, Hobart, IN 46342


Phone: (219) 712-4315

Alt Phone: (219) 769-7275


Running 16 miles from Lake George in Hobart through Lake Station and Gary before emptying into Lake Michigan, Deep River provides an excellent trip for paddlers of all ages and skill levels. The river's width and calm flow allows for easy navigation and significantly reduces its susceptibility to log jam buildups. Along the way, Festival Park, Riverview Park, and Liverpool Park provide convenient and will-equipped access points to the water. Deep River boasts a very natural paddling experience with much of the water trail surrounded on both sides by deep sections of woods, grasslands, and marshes. The calm current allows paddlers to take in wildlife and scenery including impressive water fowl populations and fruiting Mulberry trees. Considered by many member of the Paddling Association as the area's hidden gem, Deep River provides a wonderful journey along undeveloped and unspoiled shorelines.