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Kingsbury Water Trail Access


Kingsbury and English Lake, Kingsbury, IN 46351




One of the most well-known waterways in the Lower Great Lakes Region, the Kankakee River has helped link French Canada and Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River since the 1600's. During the 1800's, the Kankakee River and its surounding marshers turned into a sportmans paradise that attracted Presidents, industrialists, and royalty from around the world. However, much of the original river system was eventually channelized and dredged to improve the quality of the surrounding agricultural fields. Despite the changes, over 130-miles of river still exists with provides Indiana, Michigan and Illinois residents a paddling resource rich with American history and abounding with nautral beauty. Known by many as the "Everglades of the North", paddlers have continued to drive efforts to protect and share this wonderful resource for generations to come. Aside from its natural beauty, the Kankekee River Basin makes up one of Indiana's largest water drainage systems, serving over 13 counties - almost 3000 sq. miles, across land used mainly for cropland, pastures, or protected forests.