Plans and Presentations

Annual Report and Video

The team here at Indiana Dunes Tourism works hard year round to make sure the local tourism industry is successful and, in turn, helps Porter County thrive. We conduct studies, track trends and statistics, and keep track of our projects’ progress so we can share the results with you in our annual reports. Please take a moment to see what we are doing for you. And, as always, we welcome suggestions to help us become even stronger. Feel free to email us at or call (219) 926-2255.

Strategic and Business Plan

Behind each successful organization is a clear vision, or plan, to guide its overall goals and provide an outline for the individual steps needed to reach those goals. This strategic business plan is the roadmap that guides our journey as we endeavor to be a dynamic, proactive leader in destination marketing. In fact, the organization that accredits us, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), considers our strategic plan a model from which other destination marketing organizations can learn. In fact, DMAI had our executive director speak about our strategic plan at its international conference.

Wave of Progress Presentation

Learn how tourism contributes to a community. Find out how tourism truly is an economic engine, importing money from outside sources, supporting both tourism-based businesses and non-tourism businesses, generating tax income and improving the quality of communities. Find out the details about how Porter County stacks up as a destination, as well as some of the things Indiana Dunes Tourism is doing to capitalize on our strengths as a destination and improve the areas where we might not be as competitive. You’ll also learn the tactics we use to draw visitors and extend their stay.