What does IDT do for you?

Indiana Dunes Tourism helps local resident in many of the same ways the organization helps visitors. Here are the three primary ways:

Helping you to best enjoy this county. Our guides and website are designed to help visitors and residents alike find great restaurants, attractions, recreational opportunities and more. In addition, residents are welcome to come to our Visitor Center and talk to trained experts about all the great things to do right here in Porter County.

Quality of life: Porter County could not support all the unique restaurants, quaint shops and large attractions without the dollars from tourists. We are just like any other industry in that we bring money into the community, employ people and support government with tax revenue.

New things to do:

One of our missions is to work with other groups to plan and develop new attractions and amenities, like the Dunes-Kankakee Trail. We have a grant program that is designed to encourage people to start new festivals and build new stationary attractions – all of which helps to make Porter County a better place to live.