Destination Marketing Association International

Indiana Dunes Tourism is accredited by Destination Marketing Association International’s accreditation program.

The accreditation is not just a piece of paper. The accreditation seal illustrates that a destination marketing organization (DMO) is committed to industry excellence and to raising the performance and accountability of DMOs around the world, according.

The Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) process is a comprehensive review of a DMO’s business procedures and accountability. To become accredited, a DMO must successfully comply with fifty-eight mandatory and thirty voluntary standards in areas that include governance, finance, human resources, sales, communications, destination development and research.

There are DMAP-accredited DMOs throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Australia, Korea, Canada and Mexico.

Indiana Dunes Tourism was first accredited in 2009. The accreditation period lasts for four years. Indiana Dunes Tourism earned reaccreditation in 2013, and at the time was one of only 172 DMOs accredited through DMAP, even though there are more than 2,700 DMOs around the world.

Among the convention and visitor bureaus receiving accreditation at the same time were LA Inc. (the Los Angeles CVB), the Greater Green Bay CVB and the New Orleans Metropolitan CVB.

Indiana Dunes Tourism started the original accreditation process as a strong organization and emerged from it doing an even better job for its destination, partners and visitors.

As part of the reaccreditation in 2013, Indiana Dunes Tourism’s strategic plan – the blueprint that guides the organization – was deemed “exemplary”. Indiana Dunes Tourism’s executive director was invited to speak at the 2014 Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) conference after conference organizers decided that tourism industry leaders could benefit from hearing about Indiana Dunes Tourism’s strategic planning.

Destination Marketing Association International benefits organizations like Indiana Dunes Tourism by making them stronger through accreditation, sharing research and by advancing DMO professionals through education. Indiana Dunes Tourism’s management has obtained the Certified Destination Management Executive designation.