Porter County Sports Cabinet

Although Porter County has a history of hosting amateur sporting events to bring visitors and dollars into our area, the Indiana Dunes Sports Cabinet was formed in 2013 to study how to fully tap into the growing amateur sports market. The Sports Cabinet, which was formed by the Porter County Board of Commissioners, is made up of representatives from throughout Porter County who have expertise about what sports fields and facilities we currently have and what there is a need for to serve both local needs and to attract tournaments and events. In addition, the Sports Cabinet, bolstered by a comprehensive study, also guides the focus onto those sports we would be best served to focus on attracting.

Indiana Dunes Sports Cabinet Members

  • Rob Behrend
  • Mark Bengel
  • Len Clark
  • Ken Elwood
  • Peter Haring
  • Jesse Harper
  • Mark Hoffman
  • Walter Lenkos
  • AJ Monroe
  • Doug Olson
  • Mitch Peters
  • Richard Riley
  • John Seibert
  • Bob Thompson
  • Scott Tuft
  • Anne Van Keppel
  • Lorelei Weimer
  • Chuck Williams