Climate And Weather

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Located at the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes Country enjoys four distinct seasons of weather. Summer weather is absolutely perfect for a day along our 15 miles of beaches. As the air begins to chill in the fall, you’ll throw on a cozy sweater for strolls along the shoreline or the shop fronts. In the winter, snowy landscapes entice you to frolic outdoors. And in the spring, warm breezes return the full force of song and bloom to the Dunes.

Weather facts for the Indiana Dunes Country

On average, the warmest month is July and the highest recorded temperature was 105F in 1934. The coolest month is January, with the lowest recorded temperature of -25F in 1985. June sees the most precipitation with an average rainfall of 4.66 Inches.

Monthly averages for the Indiana Dunes Country

Slide > Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 30 36 47 60 71 80 83 81 74 63 48 35
Avg. Low 15 20 29 38 49 58 63 61 54 43 33 22
Precipitation (in) 2.11 1.82 2.93 3.64 3.85 4.66 3.82 3.91 3.68 3.20 3.56 2.88

Statistics from The Weather Channel