An Art-Centric Community

Being an artist living in the shadow of the Indiana Dunes is like a designer living next door to Frank Lloyd Wright—it’s almost impossible not to be inspired to create your own works of art.

That’s probably why Chesterton is home to a surprising number of artists—like Holly Jackson and her vibrant, Matisse-inspired paintings, which she sells at her downtown studio , Craig Berg and his Indiana Dunes photography, which can be purchased at his restaurant, Duneland Pizza and Dunes Photography, and several other regional artists whose works can be found at the Chesterton Art Center.

Chesterton is one of the best towns in the area to find dunescapes and other art pieces influenced by our gorgeous, national ecological treasure.

Even beyond its art scene, Chesterton is a place to enjoy festivals annually, the renowned European Market from May to October, and unique restaurants and shops year round.

Things to do in Chesterton

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