Lakefront Communities

(Beverly Shores, Dune Acres, Ogden Dunes, The Pines)

Beverly Shores is an architectural feat that juxtaposes the rough wildness of the Lake Michigan shore with the historically significant construction of some of the world’s best architects. Its most well-known architectural landmarks are the five Century of Progress Homes, built for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. The homes were built to demonstrate modern architectural design and new technologies like air conditioning and dishwashers. After the fair, the homes were transported to Beverly Shores by barge to establish a resort community. Today, people can drive or walk along Lake Front Drive to see the homes’ exteriors year round (several are in the process of restoration), or they can take a look inside during the annual architectural tour in October. Lake Front Drive (the only place to drive along Lake Michigan in Indiana Dunes Country) is a great place to view the lake during the summer, see the changing leaves during the fall, and view the magnificent shelf ice during the winter. Plus, there are additional parking areas. Beverly Shores, which is surrounded by the Indiana Dunes National Park, is also home to the Lake View Picnic Area, Great Marsh Trail, and The Beverly Shores Museum and Art Gallery.

Dune Acres is located right on the shore of Lake Michigan and is surrounded by woods and the beauty of the National Park. Conjure up images of polos, flip-flops, and cookouts on beaches, and you’ll get an idea of what life is like there. There is no public beach parking in this community.

Ogden Dunes began life as a resort community. It was once home to the highest ski jump in the USA and held international competitions until the jump was taken down in 1932. The town’s charm, however, had staying power past the resort season and eventually became an upscale community for year-round homes. There is also no public beach parking in this community.

The Pines, with its 1950s ambiance, is a tiny borough just outside Michigan City. With motor lodges straight out of the 50s and friendly residents, visiting is like taking a trip back in time. Here’s a fun little tidbit: the town is home to the shortest named highway in Indiana –State Road 520 — which runs only two-tenths of a mile.

Things to do in the Lakefront Communities:

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