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Take one step onto the Saylor Basket Place property in Porter, and you’ll instantly be surrounded by hundreds of mermaids, lions, angels, frogs, aliens and Bigfoot creatures — all made of concrete. They make their own statuary – possibly 1,000 different things. Inside the building, you’ll find even more whimsical gifts, like wind chimes, clay pottery, wicker baskets and clothing for concrete geese.

Art SalesHead to nearby Chesterton is known for its numerous antique shops and one-of-a-kind downtown stores – like Holly Jackson Art Studio and Gallery, Stephanie Swanson Jewelry Design and Chelle’s.
Chelle’s, for example, focuses on eco-friendly products, including clothing made of cotton, hemp and silk. The store also sells fair trade headbands, art and decorations made of recycled olive oil barrels and car windshields, purses made of pop tops, and wash cloths made of the remnants of the rug-making process. And on Saturdays from May to October, stop by Chesterton’s European Market for farm produce, local honey, jewelry, art and more.

For shoppers who like to multi-task, enjoy the great pizza at Duneland Pizza and Dunes Photography and pick up some great dunes photographs while you’re there.
Head to downtown Valparaiso is home to great stores like Lifestyles, Piper Children’s Boutique and She’s Crafty Unique Boutique, where the items are made by various talented locals).
Downtown Valparaiso is also home to Air One Aerial Photography, where you can get great panoramic and aerial photos of the dunes and other attractions. While downtown, you’ll find unique shops and a wide variety of dining options, including farm-to-fork cuisine, ethnic restaurants, steak and seafood, casual fare and more.
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