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  • Paul’s Adventures in the Indiana Dunes

    Hike, bike, paddle, and fish at the Indiana Dunes! Local adventurer Paul can show you some of the many adventures just waiting to be discovered.

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  • Indiana Dunes Beaches and Beyond Video

    Get a glimpse of the Indiana Dunes with Indiana Dunes Tourism’s Beaches and Beyond inspirational video.

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  • Must See and Do in the Indiana Dunes

    When you visit the Indiana Dunes, you want to make the most of your time. So what are the must-see and do activities to put on your itinerary? Check out our list here and photos from real visitors who shared their stories on Instagram.

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  • Two-day Group Itinerary in the Indiana Dunes

    What to do when you have 18 people, 2 days and want to see as much as possible in the Indiana Dunes? You do what the Brand USA MegaFam Tour did and follow our group itinerary.

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  • The Ultimate Indiana Dunes Bucket List

    At Expedia Viewfinder, we’re huge advocates of bucket lists, so we partnered up with our friends at Indiana Dunes Tourism to build our own agenda filled with the best things to do in the Indiana Dunes. From tackling The 3 Dune Challenge to visiting Chesterton’s European Market, we complied the top ways to experience the … Continued

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  • Steel industry a part of Indiana Dunes Country’s history, present

     By Ken Kosky  The Indiana Dunes is a huge chunk of nature, with 15,000 acres of beaches, prairies, wetlands and forests; more than 70 miles of hiking trails; and 15 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.  But if you look closely enough, you’ll see nature coexisting with the steel plants and other industry of Indiana Dunes … Continued

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